I'm interested in a more personal version of the question about balancing giving near and far: what we give our children (in both resources and time/energy) and what we extend to other people's children. We are primarily responsible for our own children; in theory, and hopefully in practice, the daily acts of caretaking form us to be more selfless, and yet it would be selfish to ONLY devote ourselves to them. (Think nepotism, etc.) How can we turn this particular kind of selflessness outward to others too, and where does the balance lie? Because in the end, both energy and resources are finite, and it is for this reason that some radical practitioners of EA (I'm thinking of the intro to Strangers Drowning) forgo having children themselves so they can give more to others.

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1. What's an AMA

2. Wondering about your opinion on the tithe? Have you written anything? We typically save our tithe and give in large sums, because as someone who runs an organization i prefer to receive donations that way. We also only give a small portion to our church and most to other orgs. My husband is now on parish council and our church (a well off parish on a university campus) is running a deficit. Im contemplating upping our portion but have also considered hosting a new members gathering to explain the deficit and how to give... As i suspect many give nothing. Catholic giving is definitely skimpy, relative to the evangelical church i grew up in!

3. I also encourage friends to reduce their giving to fewer organizations because processing small donations is costly! I came to this after a well off donor sent us $5 a year on Dorothy day's birthday, as part of an effort to recognize saints. I told him " it costs us $5 to enter this and send a thank you!" Should i have told him that? Or should we just accept this friction?

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