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I loved-LOVED that topic/discussion!

(Also, I never answered the questions, and I want to.)

> "Do you encounter women much older than yourself regularly?"

Lots! My story is the story of a girl who lost her mom at age 19, and then discovered that Jesus seemed willing to extend his promise of, "receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers, etc." even to my case. (though my mom and I were separated by her death rather than only by a choice to follow Christ.)

So maybe if any woman yearn for someone to mother her... or is frustrated with her more "peer-oriented" friendships - maybe try making friends with women who are 1 generation or 2 generations older than you! In my experience, they're EAGER to spend time with you once you show you're willing to listen to them. Secondly, when these friends open up & share their stories, I've found we can quickly to get to a deep, insightful conversation. Thirdly, they are often able to stay calm when you share mom-struggles or want to talk about personal philosophies RE parenting... better than friends at my same stage of life.

(Much of my experience of this is a Bible Study, or other conversations; not sure what would happen if my relationship with a woman from an older generation began with her watching me "in the thick of" parenting a bunch and disagreed with me about stuff, like when my kids were littler. So... YMMV.)

> "How do you consider who you want to be?"

Much of my focus revolves around virtues I perceive myself to need!! The main virtue that's been "on my radar" for many years is courage. I want to be more willing to contradict others, unafraid to say, e.g. "That's not true," or "That is wrong."

So I maintain an hearty hope that by the time I grow old - God willing - a lot of my timidity in this area will be transformed to courage, and I'll become more bold, blunt, and take an unapologetic stance of, "here's the truth - I don't like it either, but we gotta grapple with it."

The examples who make me happy are moms who have joyful, open relationships with their grown sons and daughters... (sometimes with an undercurrent of mischievous humor) who give off the "vibe" that their dialogues with their children have mutual respect... and who also have an "overflow" of warmth for all those around- family, friends, and strangers. I am watching these women hopefully.

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