Two book recommendations that pair nicely with each other: Janet Martin Soskice's book, The Kindness of God: Metaphor, Gender, and Religious Language, is a beautiful mediation of a lot of feminist theology. In the first chapter, Soskice discusses how stereotypical portrayals of spirituality often appear to be antithetical to the life of a mother. She writes, “What we want is a monk who finds God while cooking a meal with one child clamouring for a drink, another who needs a bottom wiped, and a baby throwing up over his shoulder” (23).

In that same vein, Natalie Carnes’s recent book, Motherhood: A Confession, is written in the style of Augustine’s Confessions, but from the perspective of a mother writing to her child. I reviewed the book for Front Porch Republic (https://www.frontporchrepublic.com/2020/08/ordered-toward-your-becoming-on-natalie-carness-motherhood-a-confession/), and it’s definitely worth the read, as it bridges academic and popular audiences with its beautiful and honest portrayal of motherhood.

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It looks like the Princeton sale will apply the discount on several items - you have to fill the cart and only put the code in at the end by the looks of it. Also, only for orders shipping to US and Canada.

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Recurse Center - 12-week Programming Retreat - FREE! (or 6-week "half-batch" Programming Retreat. or 1-week "mini-batch.") Normally in NYC, currently VIRTUAL! https://www.recurse.com

Work on a programming project(s) and self-study, within a crew of creative peers! Expectation: "You need to have programmed enough to know that you enjoy programming and are able to write short programs from scratch."

(The "for people who may have stepped out of full-time academia or professional work" in the fellowship listed above was what made me think to post this! That describes me.)

Last summer, I realized that though I hadn't done much programming in a really long time, I love doing it, like... way more than is normal! So I started re-learning some coding basics, and learning some new stuff for the first time. Then I found out about the Recurse Center, (which is heavily influenced by Unschooling - which I've been tilting more towards recently) so I applied! I am in the middle of my batch, and it is WONDERFULLY fun!

Feel free to ask me questions on this thread!

Also, I really want to note that whenever I think of people who have stepped out of full-time professional world and are getting back into it (or something like it), I think of... ...well, Lisa Simpson advising Marge to pad her resume, in "Marge Gets a Job," and the things she came up with!

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